Expo 2015 Coin Countdown

Exactly one year until the opening of Expo Milan 2015, the range of official coins for Expo 2015 is further amplified with the special issue of the limited edition in Platinum, named “Platinum Special Countdown”.

The number 1, which in this particular case also represents the one year leading up to the huge event, is clearly illustrated at the centre on one side of the coin. It was designed by the author of the Euro coin Luc Luycx with a concept that seeks to symbolise unity between the five continents. On the other side, Laura Cretara – the first female engraver in the world and the author of the Italian Euro – illustrated the ideal “Tree of Life” consisting in five tree leaves, one for each continent.

Produced in a series of 365 numbered pieces, in 999 pure platinum, diameter 35 mm, weight 1 ounce – 31.1 grams, embellished with 5 diamonds, distinguished by the date 2014 and the numbering and writing “countdown” on the rim (outer edge), housed in a special titanium box.

Expo Coin to Michelle Obama

The institutional gift to the First Lady Michelle Obama, scheduled to visit the Expo on 18th June, is ready. It is the same as that presented to the Pope and to other renowned personalities. This is the special, official Guinness World Record “large-sized” coin, featuring a diameter of 150 mm and weight of 936 grams. […]

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Expo: the record coin

Fonte: . EXPO 2015 in title block with overlapping numbers and letters, the characteristic logo at the centre, a half-globe, and the leaves of five trees representing the different continents: Maple (America), Pothos (Asia), Agrimony (Africa), Eucalyptus (Oceania), Oak (Europe), portraying the tree of life that spreads its roots throughout the world, with the leaves […]

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The Platinum used for the unique “Countdown” edition, symbol Pt, atomic weight 195.084, hardness 3.5, is considered one of the rarest and most precious elements in nature. It melts at high temperatures, is non-oxidising and corrosion-resistant.
Thanks to its properties, specimens meeting worldwide standards such as the Metro and Chilo, are made in platinum and have been preserved since 1899 at the International Bureau of Weights and Measurements in Sèvres.

Source: Official website EXPO 2015