The Expo 2015 Coin at the World Money Fair

The Expo 2015 coin returns to make its appearance on the international stage. For the coin’s presentation, a special space has been reserved inside the main exhibition area of the money fair, scheduled to take place from 30th January to 1st February: the World Money Fair of Berlin, including the participation of professional operators, specialised journalists and more than 100 countries. This is the second journey into German territory for the Expo coin, whose faces were designed by Luc Luycx from the Royal Belgian Mint and by our own Italian Laura Cretara, the world’s first female engraver.

Variety above all, to stimulate its worth among collectors and enthusiasts. “In Berlin,” explains Sandro Sassoli, head of the project, “we will see all the Made in Italy experience, high technology and creativity that has made the Expo Milan 2015 Coin and Medal programme a unique, never-before-seen achievement, with

a range of different types and even worldwide novelties, such as the Ecoedition made from recycled metal, the wood/metal bi-material version, large record sizes and the rose-coloured version dedicated to women.

Expo Coin to Michelle Obama

The institutional gift to the First Lady Michelle Obama, scheduled to visit the Expo on 18th June, is ready. It is the same as that presented to the Pope and to other renowned personalities. This is the special, official Guinness World Record “large-sized” coin, featuring a diameter of 150 mm and weight of 936 grams. […]

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Expo: the record coin

Fonte: . EXPO 2015 in title block with overlapping numbers and letters, the characteristic logo at the centre, a half-globe, and the leaves of five trees representing the different continents: Maple (America), Pothos (Asia), Agrimony (Africa), Eucalyptus (Oceania), Oak (Europe), portraying the tree of life that spreads its roots throughout the world, with the leaves […]

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On occasion of this event in Berlin, a preview of the ‘From Expo to Expo’ exhibition will also be shown. London 1851 – Milan 2015, after the preview in Montecarlo last December. An escursus of 164 years of universal exhibitions with rare coins and medals, to be shown in Italy during the universal exhibition in various locations.

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