The Value of Customized Coins

Dai forma al metallo per un evento memorabile con le monete personalizzate
Pubblicato il 30 March 2022

An Indelible and Precious Memory Engraved in Metal

There are various occasions where a gift should express value, esteem, affection, and prestige.

Giving a customized coin to celebrate and memorialize an event, a special occasion, the achievement of a goal, or an institution is a long-standing tradition, symbolizing excellence and prestige.

Any similarly unforgettable event can be celebrated and remembered with a personalized coin.

When to Gift a Customized Coin

Gifting a customized coin is a centuries-old tradition in various fields.

  • Events and Anniversaries

An indelible and precious memento, created to withstand the test of time, making a special day unique and unforgettable.

With a customized commemorative coin, you can enhance your company event, reward an employee for reaching a milestone or as a retirement gift, commemorate a company anniversary, an official ceremony, or an anniversary.

An elegant touch for a gift of loyalty to employees and colleagues.

  • Marketing & Communication

In marketing, a customized coin as a gift or promotional item is a powerful communication tool and is perfect for promoting your brand and products with class.

  • Companies

From small businesses to large companies, a customized celebratory coin is the ideal gift to convey the values and corporate culture to clients, employees, and partners.

It is minted to pay homage to the history of your company, your work, and your passion.

  • Armed Forces

Styled after military medals, coins represent an immortal honor and are minted to pay tribute to experiences and missions that have marked your life, serving as a reminder of the most significant experiences, a symbol of your values, courage, and a memory that must remain alive and withstand the test of time.

  • Universities & Institutions

Institutions and universities have a long tradition of awarding academic andprofessional achievements with medals and customized coins to celebrate their traditions.

Art in a Coin

In our country, Picchiani & Barlacchi, symbolizing a century of culture and art, has been producing artistic and commemorative medals, customized coins, crests, trophies, and many other meticulously crafted objects that recall indelible events at local, national, and international levels for almost 120 years.

Picchiani and Barlacchi of Florence were entrusted with a prestigious international event: the contract for minting the official coin of Expo 2015 for heads of state and major Italian and international institutions visiting Milan during the exhibition.

The collaboration began in the ’80s with Laura Cretara, a renowned artist, and engraver who played a special role as a judge in three editions of the Biennale della Medaglia d’Arte (Biennial of Medal Art). Cretara continued to be at the center of this art, contributing to the design of the Expo Milano 2015 coin, featuring her signature engraving of the Tree of Life.

The design portrays a plant drawing nourishment from planet Earth, with five branches, each with five different but equally sized leaves representing a continent: Maple for North and South America, Photos for Asia, Agrimony for Africa, Eucalyptus for Australia, and Oak for Europe.

From that moment, mutual respect and trust solidified into a deep relationship of which the company is very proud.

This assignment had a symbolic value: it gave space to Italian excellences, of whichthe Florentine company has been a part for more than a century.

Our Values and Our Dedication to Your Service

Thanks to this long tradition, collaboration with internationally renowned artists and artisans, and a century-long dedication to metalworking and the minting of artistic and commemorative coins, Picchiani & Barlacchi can guarantee a result that exceeds even the most stringent expectations.

Engravers, designers, printers, electroplating finishers, and many other professionals tirelessly work on raw materials to do justice to your company, institution, or celebratory event through a coin that honors its achievements.

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