Creation of Military Crests

Dal 1902 la Picchiani e Barlacchi crea crest unici secondo la tradizione aziendale di famiglia.
Pubblicato il 30 March 2022

Craftsmanship by Picchiani & Barlacchi 

Artistic Crests Against Standardized Market Incursions 

The crest is the ultimate representative object to commemorate a memorable event.

Typically, crests are gifted to dignitaries visiting a military unit or ship, to those leaving the service, for anniversaries or special events, and to participants in a course. They are also exchanged during visits to military units, meetings, and exercises between different bodies.

They often adorn the walls of military offices or commands and are collectible items that fuel a genuine market. They find extensive use in armed forces, law enforcement, and maritime environments.

When it comes to the creation of military crests, it is imperative to mention the historic Italian company Picchiani & Barlacchi (P&B), which has minted many for the Naval Academy of Livorno, ports such as Trieste and Piombino, ship inaugurations, institutional bodies, and secular and religious associations at various levels.

Creating Military Crests with P&B

Since 1902, Picchiani & Barlacchi has been creating unique crests following the family business tradition and guarantees results that surpass even the strictest expectations, rooted in the company’s strong principles.

Quality Made in Italy, a precious national resource envied worldwide, personalized final products, and attention to detail. Engravers, designers, printers, finishers, and many other professionals tirelessly work on raw materials to honor military bodies and special occasions with a beautiful and durable crest.

The significant difference between P&B crests and cheap products found elsewhere lies in the sophistication of the final product and the longevity of the crest.

In the international mass market, the use of pre-packaged crests made with non-durable materials and rough, approximate workmanship, as well as standardization, affects the end result: crests turn out mediocre and diminish the image of the gifting organization while trivializing the milestone being celebrated.

The material to which the metal is affixed and the glue used are crucial to creating an enduring object that won’t be discarded shortly after. This is why P&B opposes any form of improvisation because the products are not mere pieces of metal but immortal objects to celebrate an event and preserve its memory over time.
Therefore, they must be created with craftsmanship.

Stages of Military Crest Creation with Picchiani & Barlacchi

The creation of crests using the Picchiani & Barlacchi method involves specific stages.

It all begins with the design: together with you, we identify and study the theme to be developed, which will be delivered as a free sketch exclusively for your use and protected by copyright. This guarantees a customized crest different from all others, tailor-made for your occasion.

After the design is approved, one of our artists creates a larger-than-final-size plaster cast, allowing manual intervention on relief details with maximum precision. Then, molten bronze is poured into the imprint from the plaster, and the obtained “artistic model” is smoothed and refined in preparation for the final result.

The “punch” with the actual measurements of the object is obtained from the large bronze model to perfect the features and eliminate burrs in the final product. The punch is also tempered to about 850°C to make it more durable.

By compressing the punch onto a steel cylinder using a balance, the die, i.e., the mold to produce the crests, is obtained. The engravers’ experience ensures that reliefs and other details of the die are meticulously handled, making it precious.

This allows customization during printing, using various materials such as brass, bronze, zamak, and hand-finished shiny, satin, or patinated surfaces. At the end of the run, the die is archived and guaranteed for 100 years so that you can use it in the future.

The last production phase involves chemical, physical, and artisanal processes that enhance the sculpture’s chiaroscuro, the color, and brilliance of the metal, ensuring the crest undergoes no alterations over time to make the memory it represents eternal.

Subsequently, enameling and, if requested, decoration with precious stones take place. Three different bases in fine wood or plexiglass can be chosen as support, and each crest comes with its custom-made case.

100% Guaranteed Military Crests

By entrusting yourself to the Picchiani & Barlacchi creation process, you have a 100% guarantee of gifting an object of great value. We value excellence and perfection in our products so much that, in case of defects or errors, the production is repeated from the beginning free of charge.

Choosing a P&B military crest to celebrate your milestone is an investment in a solid and reliable object over time, thanks to a creation that is different from all others.
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