Custom Pins, a Prestigious Recognition

I pins personalizzati racchiudono un grande significato e valore e sono indossati come segno di riconoscimento prestigioso.
Pubblicato il 30 March 2022

Gift a Custom Pin to Wear with Pride

Custom pins represent a decorative object designed to be attached visibly to clothing. Despite their small size, these objects carry great significance and value, asthey are worn as a mark of prestigious recognition.
From their earliest use in ancient times, pins served an identifying function.

They were fashionable among ancient Romans, Greeks, and Celts, with the oldest pins found in Europe dating back to the Bronze Age.

Why Choose to Personalize and Gift a Pin?

Customizable pins, besides being collectibles, have become symbols of belonging or recognition of a brand and its values. A personalized pin is and will always be a way to indelibly mark your corporate brand, making people recognize your logo and brand.

They are suitable for enhancing a business or an event, such as weddings, communions, festivals, or as gifts for your employees and collaborators. Company pins are a perfect gift to honor event participants and leave them with an unforgettable memory.

Even today, they are used to give members of an organization a memento representing prestige and strengthening team spirit.

Aside from the inherent beauty of the object, the message that pins convey is fundamental. If the object you choose to represent yourself is of poor quality, what memory will linger in the minds of those to whom you gift it?

Today, cost-cutting measures are often evident in coarse finishes, minting defects, and poor durability. Relying on inferior materials, such as plastic, and standardized processes significantly influences the mediocre end result.

Choosing a specialist is crucial to represent the prestige you embody with a beautiful and durable object. It should be someone who guarantees the creation of an impeccable item, crafted in accordance with artistry and enduring over time.

Crafting a Custom Pin with Artistry

The historic Florentine company Picchiani & Barlacchi, with over a century of tradition, can assure you of this prestige by providing the expertise of many artists and sculptors and the heritage of the best engravers, printers, and Florentine artisans who have been shaping unique works for almost 120 years.

To bring high-quality custom pins to life, a precise manufacturing process is required, consisting of several phases.

First and foremost is the design: together with you and the people involved in the project, your needs and the theme to be developed are studied. This will be delivered to you as a free sketch, protected by Picchiani & Barlacchi copyright.

After you’ve approved the design, the artist creates a plaster cast, larger in size to hand-tweak the details of the reliefs with maximum precision. Molten bronze is then poured into the impression obtained from the plaster, and the “artistic model” obtained is smoothed and refined for an impeccable final result.

From the large bronze model, the reproduction in steel, called the “punch,” with the real measurements of the final object is obtained. The punch is tempered to around 850°C to make it as resistant as possible.

By compressing the punch onto a steel cylinder using a balance, the die, or the mold for producing the actual pins, is obtained. Each phase is carefully supervised by professionals, artisans, and engravers who hand-tweak any machine inaccuracies to maintain even the smallest detail.

Once the process is complete, the created pieces are individually checked, ensuring that the entire order is defect-free upon shipping or pickup.

Picchiani & Barlacchi, Synonymous with Tradition and Made in Italy Guarantee

To create an object that reinforces the values of your association, club, or organization, entrust someone who guarantees strong values, as all these companies have done.

At Picchiani & Barlacchi, we firmly believe in quality, tradition, the roots of our business, and Made in Italy as a precious resource of our country, envied worldwide.

Thanks to our experience, you can be sure to gift people a valuable item to wear with pride.