Custom-Made Italian Pins: Wear a Prestigious Recognition with Pride

Il simbolo della tua associazione rappresentato da spille personalizzate create a regola d’arte.
Pubblicato il 30 March 2022

The Symbol of Your Association Crafted with Artistry

A pin is a small object that encapsulates significant meaning, worn as a mark of prestigious recognition. Pinned on the lapels of jackets or coats, and increasingly seen on hats and scarves, it serves as a useful communication tool for organizations. Wherever it is worn, a pin represents an essential means of fostering a sense of belonging and pride among organization members.

Over the years, it has evolved into an accessory used by companies to distinguish their employees, in clubs to signify membership, or as gifts during ceremonies. Customized pins are now incorporated into a company’s brand promotion tools, as these symbols, when well-designed, can leave a lasting impression on those who see them.

Why Choose a Pin Today?

Pins are still used today to provide members of an organization with an object that embodies prestige and strengthens team spirit. Customized pins can be commissioned by organizations to identify members or promote the group’s ideals. They can be worn on any occasion and event related to your company; moreover, they are valuable and durable objects to gift to your clients, offering an effective way to add value to your brand.

If delivered during a theme-related event, such as an industry trade show, people interested in your services will keep it as a reminder. Therefore, it is essential to create an object that is elegant, captivating, durable, unique, and encourages its possessor to use it.

Alongside the value of beauty and style, the message that the pin conveys is crucial. If the pin chosen to represent you is unattractive and of poor quality, what will people think of your organization?

The widespread use of subpar materials, such as plastic, and rough, approximate craftsmanship conditions the mediocre end result, diminishing the image and authority of the association to which you belong. The outcome is that these objects often remain unused or break after a few days.

To represent the values you embody with a beautiful and durable object, you must rely on a specialist, someone who guarantees the creation of a valuable, impeccable symbol that stands the test of time.

Because Your Symbol is Engraved in Metal.

Artisans by Tradition

In the tradition of over a century of history, Picchiani & Barlacchi has been chosen to contribute to the image and value of countless companies and initiatives.

Many other companies have found in P&B the ideal partner for creating their pins, demonstrating their value and prestige: National Federation of Misericordie, FAO, the Order of Pharmacists, Humanitas, Unipol, Mondadori.

Creating Custom Pins

The process of crafting pins according to the Picchiani & Barlacchi method involves numerous phases. It all starts with a sketch created exclusively for your use, tailored to your needs and protected by copyright. This sketch breathes life into all the subsequent phases of the actual creation.

With the obtained mold, the printing process can begin, allowing you to personalize your pin by choosing from various options, from common to more precious, based on your desires. Each phase is carefully monitored at various steps until the conclusion of the production process when, checked one by one and selected to ensure the entire order is defect-free, they are prepared for shipping or pickup.

With P&B, You Gift People a Unique Wearable Object

Choosing a Pin from Picchiani & Barlacchi means relying on the expertise of those who, for over a century, have dedicated themselves to metalworking, creating unique objects by combining the mastery of engravers with modern techniques. All professionals work tirelessly with raw materials to represent the identity, values, and authority of your organization, association, or club.

Thanks to our experience, you can be confident in gifting people a personalized pin, following the tradition of Florence, the most famous city of art and culture globally, to be worn with pride. Contact us now on the contacts page to receive the artist’s drawing of your pin for free.